Side plank

Santolanasana Variation - Side plank

Side plank - Satya Live Yoga

  • Assume the plank position.
  • Transfer the weight onto the right arm and right foot.
  • Roll on to the right, keep the body straight and the chest facing forward.
  • Have the outer side of the right foot firmly on the floor, the left foot rests on top of the right.
  • Position the left arm and hand along the trunk or raise it up in line with the shoulder.
  • Keep the side of the waist lifted and be careful not to sag in the hips.
  • Hold for as long as comfortable, then to release, roll back into the plank position and repeat to the other side.
  • To release, lower the knees to the floor and relax.
  • Practice up to 5 rounds.


  • Natural breath.


  • Strength in the arms, back and legs.
  • Engaging the core muscles to keep the hips aligned.
  • Manipura chakra.



  • Strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders and spine.
  • Tones the core muscles.
  • Stimulates the digestive system.


  • Instead of hooking the raised foot behind the standing-leg calf, press the big toe of the raised-leg foot against the floor to help maintain balance.