Crow walking

Kauva Chalasana

  • Squat with the feet flat on the floor a comfortable distance apart.
  • Place the palms of the hands on the knees.
  • Take a small step forward with the left foot and simultaneously lower the right knee towards the floor.
  • Raise the right knee and take a small step with the right foot, lower the left knee towards the floor.
  • Take 10-30 steps then rest in a relaxation pose.


  • Natural breathing.


  • While walking - the smoothness of the movement.
  • Balance and coordination.
  • While relaxing - the effects of the walking on the lower back, hips, knees and ankles.

Practice note

  • Use the heel of the forward knee to help support the buttock when stepping the other foot forward.


  • Knee problems.
  • Aliments in the toes or ankles.
  • Slipped disc.
  • Hernia.


  • Improves nervous and muscular coordination.
  • Stimulates the circulation in the legs.
  • Prepares the body for meditation poses.
  • Removes constipation.