Locust pose


  • Lie on the stomach with the legs straight and the feet together.
  • Place the hands either under or beside the body with the palms facing down or fingers interlocked.
  • Rest the chin on the floor.
  • Press down through the arms, engage the lower back muscles and raise the legs from the floor.
  • Keep the legs together and actively lengthening.
  • Hold for as long as comfortable then slowly lower.
  • Practice up to 5 rounds.


  • Inhale while raising the legs.
  • Exhale to lower the legs.


  • The lower back, abdomen and heart.
  • Synchronizing the movement with the breath.
  • Swadhisthana chakra.


  • Heart conditions.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Back conditions.
  • Hernia.


  • Helps to relieve backache.
  • Alleviates constipation.
  • Stimulates the digestive system.
  • Activates the reproductive system.

Practice note

  • Place a blanket under the hips for extra padding.


  • The breath can be retain in while raising the legs and holding the position then exhaled while lowering.