Abdominal Contraction – Uddiyana Bandha

Uddiyana BandhaUddiyana Bandha - Satya Live Yoga

  • Stand with the feet shoulder width apart.
  • Inhale deeply.
  • Bend forward from the waist and exhale fully out the mouth.
  • Position the spine horizontal to the floor, bend the knees slightly and rest the hands on the thighs to support the weight of the upper body.
  • Take a false inhalation, keeping the glottis closed and expanding the chest, as though breathing in but not actually taking in air.
  • Straighten the knees and hold the position for as long as comfortable.
  • Release the abdominal lock, relax the chest and raise the head and torso upright.
  • Exhale slightly to release the pressure from the lungs then inhale slowly through the nose.

  • Breath is retained out during the practice.

  • Stimulates the function of the pancreas and liver.
  • Massages abdominal organs.
  • Tones the digestive system.
  • Soothes anxiety and tension.

  • Practice on an empty stomach.

  • Practice in the same way from a comfortable sitting position.

  • This Bandha is performed on the exhalation. It encourages maximum breathing capacity by squeezing all the air from the diaphragm and lungs on exhalation and in return promoting a deeper and fuller inhalation.