Letting go

Many of us cringe at the sound of these two words… ‘letting go’.Letting go - Satya Live Yoga

Yet letting go is actually an empowering choice to simply walk in a direction that brings YOU closer to greater personal happiness.

Sometimes we are so attached to the drama, the fight, the familiar, that we don’t want to let go. To let go and release that which we battle, can often bring fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of peace, serenity and calm. And to the ego – peace – nothingness – ease - means ‘death’. Death of the adrenaline state that feeds of drama.

Recently I have been watching my addiction to stress. My ego loves it. It makes me feel alive. The high, the buzz, the rush. I'm alert, attentive, on edge. I know it's not healthy and only causes me pain but so badly my ego fights. It fights to cling to the familiar and all it knows; the struggle, drama, pride… anything that will help it root to old, familiar ground.

The ego fights to retain it’s identity, it’s status and it’s power in my life… and it does this by clinging on to what it has always known, even though it no longer serves me.

However, when I let go something quite profound happens. Rather than loosing, I gain. I gain more than words can explain, a sense of freedom, peace, acceptance, contentment. I have come to realise that letting go simply means to let go of the energy of struggle. To allow struggle to drop away…. to come back to oneself, to rest in the energy of what one TRULY wants. That deep inner connection.

I know how hard it can be, sometimes I think I have the most stubborn ego of them all (hehe, of course my ego thinks that!). Walk along this path with me and for today, right now, let go of your need to control the outcome, the situation, the person, or what others think…Give it a go and just see what happens. Once we surrender control, and stop trying to run the show … miracles occur.