Meditation Course

Still the mind - guided meditation course

Join us for this unique personalised 5 week course, designed to give you the tools and space to learn how to 'go within'.

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In this course you will learn to:

  • rest the body and calm the mind
  • increase concentration and clarity
  • nurture inner stillness and peacefulness.

the teacher

Christina Jagusiak is an experienced Satyananda teacher who has been practicing meditation most her life and teaching it for more than five years. She is so passionate about meditation because it has transformed her life - by changing the way she thinks, feels and acts. Christina teaches practical ways to connect and center the mind so that you can find that place of stillness and ease admits the movement and distraction in everyday life.

our practices

Trataka - candle gazing
Mandala colouring
Aum chanting
Walking meditation
Yoga nidra

simple techniques

Using simple techniques, you will learn to observe thoughts, feelings and emotions without them being a distraction. By remaining focused in the moment, you can develop a fresh and flexible approach in your relationships, work and daily activities.


Benefits from practicing Meditation include:

  • greater calmness, peace of mind
  • reduce stress
  • enhanced creativity, concentration and clarity
  • improved health and sleep
  • increased enjoyment of life
  • a kinder attitude towards oneself and others.
  • deeper understanding of the inner nature, the Truth within

Those who have attended Christina’s classes say they have been able to recognise and release tensions, freeing themselves to handle problems with greater skill and enhance their enjoyment of life.


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Dates: Wednesday 23rd April to 21st May 2014
Times: 9.15-10.15am
Cost: $150 per person, handouts and take home mediation recordings inclusive.
Location: Active Stillness, Mount Eliza