4 yoga moves to boost immunity

It seems as if the cold and flu season is packing an extra punch this winter. But did you know that yoga can boost immunity and help you prevent getting sick?

Yoga can help protect you from marauding viral invaders like cold and flu germs because it:

Detoxifies and oxygenates your system
Reduces stress and fatigue, two precursors to lowered immunity
Balances the hormones you need for a strong immune system
Triggers acupressure points said to help evict viruses and bacteria from your body

Add these yoga poses to your regular routine and say, “Good riddance, sniffles!”

SN Mountain pose - Parvatasana

Parvatasana also known as Downward dog

When you invert, as you’ll be doing here, it provides you with a full body cleanse, assisting your lymphatic system to sweep out those pesky toxins. If you really firm your fingertips into the floor and hug arm muscles to the bones, you’ll activate the points all along the hands and arms that are thought to help boost immunity and release pain and joint compression.

Kandharasana also known as Bridge PoseShoulder pose - Kandharasana

This posture is not only great for opening the heart, it also presses directly on two main acupressure points. You’ll get the Sea of Vitality in the lower back, two inches away from the spine, and importantly, the Bearing Support, on the shoulder blades, two inches off the spine. This point is said to help govern immunity, especially to colds and flu.
Remain here a bit longer, aim for one minute or more. If this is hard for you, place a high block or two under your hips.Cobra pose - Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana also known as Cobra pose

This pose stimulates the thymus gland nestled behind the breast bone, which sends out T-cells, a type of white blood cell that helps the body fight diseases or harmful substances.

Simhagarjanasana also known as Roaring Lion PoseRoaring Lion - Simhagarjanasana

This pose has a positive effect on the throat, nose, ears, eyes and mouth. It helps to clear the sinuses and redirects blow flow from the legs to the abdomen stimulating the digestive system, which in turn builds the digestive fire, generating more heat in the body.


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