Whether you're a night owl with early bird aspirations, a troubled sleeper, or just in need of a little help relaxing before bedtime, some gentle yoga before you tuck in can help.

Studies, like this one, have shown that people who consistently practiced yoga for just eight weeks enjoyed significantly better sleep—both their length of slumber and its quality improved.

So to get a rejuvenating sleep, before bed practice these three poses -

Child's pose -
A deeply relaxing stretch for the back which also helps calm the nervous system so that you can sleep at peace.
Child’s Pose - Shashankasana

Legs up the wall pose -

An excellent pose to relieve tired legs and feet, helps increase blood supply to the brain and relieve mild headache, and calms the mind.

Spinal twist - Universal Spinal twist - Shava Udarakarshanasana

in Traditional Chinese Medicine the spleen considered responsible for digestion "not only of food, but of your day, the digestion of what's going on." In this simple twist we mildly compress the spleen which can help clear away some of the mental debris that makes it harder to sleep peacefully.

If you are wanting some fantastic yoga routines for sleep check this out!

Sweet dreams...