More than chocolate


Whether you are religious or not, Easter provides a wonderful opportunity to connect and celebrate. Whilst it can be a time for family, holidays, festivals and chocolate, Easter is a time of new beginnings, a 'cleaning of the slate,' and spiritual awakenings. Easter is seen as a season of rebirth, bringing optimism and the feeling of a fresh start.

So this year, reach out to family, express appreciation for friends and remember the more you give, the more you receive, because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulation in your life.

Here are a few suggestions for an Easter themed practice:

1.) Take your asana outside (if you live in a climate where it is warm enough to do so). Fertility and rebirth are important parts of Easter. Touch, smell, taste, hear, see the world around you as though you had never before. Feel the breeze against your skin. Dig your toes into the grass. Connect with nature and the seasons.

2.) Practice Childbunny’s Pose with your arms at your sides, palms up, head turned to one side. (You kind of look like an egg here—and that’s the point!) The egg is a symbol rich in tradition, represents the possibility of new life. Think about any false beliefs or ideas can you ‘crack’ to renew yourself.

3.) Practice a heart healing meditation. Take the attention to your heart space. Visualize the heart center encased in an eggshell. Send your breath to this area. As though the shell was cracking open, picture light illuminating the heart. Rays of brightness begin to spread. Any negative emotions, tensions or injuries are transformed and released as your being is filled with this light. Picture the light spreading from your heart space throughout the body. Bathe in the healing light you have created.

4.) Do some writing on the question, 'What am I ready to let go of?'

5.) Become present to the natural breath - allowing the breath to do what it likes and stepping out of the way.

6.) Before bed, light a candle and practice trataka to clear your mind and cleanse your thoughts.

7.) And most of all, enjoy!