I’m no wonder woman!

IMG_4932I want to be the best mother, partner, daughter, sister, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, business associate, cleaner, cook, gardener, waitress, facilitator, you name it ... I just want to be the best at everything!
The reality is I am just one being, doing the best I can. I make mistakes, I get it wrong, I stuff up and you know what? it's all okay. As I write that, part of me cringes. But why? Why can't it be perfect?
Living in the 'if only's,' trying to be perfect and putting unrealistic expectations on myself is not only energy draining, it's living in a world of fantasy.
I have this deep-rooted belief, samskara, that if I do it all 'right,' I'll be ok. If everyone around me is happy, then I am doing my job. Job? My job as a peacemaking wonder woman. Saying this sounds silly, but it's what, for so many years, I have unconsciously strived for.
Firstly I cannot control the emotions, thoughts or actions of others and I am defineatly no mind reading psychic. My biggest challenge is accepting mediocre, or should I say 'normal.' My pride and ego scream 'Nnnoooooo.' Yet when I break through the pressures and ideals, the drive and high standards, that I so naturally put on myself, freedom arises.
Freedom to be just as I am. To allow myself to be. To be a human BE-ing. I'm not a wonder woman DO-ing. I'm apart of the human race. No better, no lesser. No ordinary or extraordinary. This humility brings peace.
For today I am embracing ALL of me. Including the desire to be 'the best.' Instead of trying to be wonder woman, I am happy being superman's mother!

Are you trying to be a super hero?