New MacDonald

New MacDonald

In a playful way, this video turns the spotlight on the true costs of conventional farming and the harm it does to environmental health.  Watch as these kids show what makes organic farming the choice for the future in a surprising twist on a classic children’s song.

A bit of background on the video -
In an effort to bring attention to the increase in genetically modified foods grown on farms and the pesticides used to keep them growing, cause group Only Organic, which represents organic food makers and retailers as well as ordinary citizens, launched an awareness campaign based on a mashup of the classic “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” song. Tennessee-based agency Humanaut worked with the group on the effort.

The campaign kicked off with a video in which a group of kids begin performing the song only to then change it up and sing about “a hormone here, a hormone there.” Cue shots of faux, freaked-out parents in the audience. The song goes on to encompass crop spraying, tightly caged chickens and other forms of “bad” farming.

The scene then goes dark, and a lone girl begins singing “New MacDonald Had A Farm.” She’s then joined by other kids who sing about freely roaming animals in open space pastures, chemical-free crops, uncaged chickens and no GMOs. Again, cue shots of faux, delighted parents in the audience.