It’s the season!

The season of new beginnings is upon us and regardless of which hemisphere you live, nature is reflecting the process of transformation..


Just as the everything around us is changing, now is a powerful to align and embrace change within.

As you know, big changes are occurring in my life - next week I'm shifting out of my comfort zone and moving beyond many limitations of my mind. I'm embarking on a new chapter, one that will challenge me and initiate growth.

John, Kailash and I are moving to a relative rural area, we won't be connected to water, electricity, internet, we have no job lined up and will be living in a house the size of our last bedroom!

Am I scared? Yes. Do I have doubts? Absolutely. Am I sad to leave my family and so many heart-felt connections? Totally. Are these fears and feelings going to stop me from following my dreams? No way!

Change is inevitable. And in all honesty, the only thing that doesn't change is change itself! Embracing change, big and small, willingly and unwittingly - it's not always easy. Whether you are welcoming change or struggling to deal with it, yoga can help.

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