The Farm Yogini

Last month I moved to our 20 acre farm; began living in an abode the size of my old bedroom; started cooking, showering and going to the toilet outside in rain, hail and shine; and traded my lululemon pants for an akubra hat, overalls and bunstones. My new title - Christina the farm yogini! dee943d8-7ce7-4d48-bc05-4330ce31b521

All laughs aside, this month I have been focusing on Osho's famous quote - “Yoga means to encounter the reality as it is.”

It has been challenging to let go of the past. Moving away from family, friends, students, not to mention home comforts. My mind has dappled in the desired to cling to what was familiar and there's been moments where I have thought this is all too much.

On the other spectrum I've noticed myself dreaming about the future. 'It will be great when ...' when the house gets started, when we have running water, when the toilet is undercover, etc.

Living in both the past and future deprives me of what is. What is right now. The moment I actually have. Coming back to the quote - “Yoga means to encounter the reality as it is.”

Instead of turning to the past, or turning to the future, one can turn inwards. Inwards to the Truth. The Truth can only be found in the now and it's yoga that gives this gift. The gift of presence and Reality.

For this month, day and very second, I wish you experience what is, fully embraced by Reality, Truth and Yoga.