The problem with patience

adoptHave you ever encountered a situation in your life where you wanted things to move just a little bit faster? Recently I've noticed that even though I believe and see wisdom in the sayings - "Patience is a virtue." and “All good things come to those who wait." when push comes to shove (i.e. daily life and building a house) these ideas go right out the window!

In our fast-paced society it is easy to turn being productive and efficient into living in a constant rush and needing it all NOW! Results are demands and often met STRAIGHT AWAY - think credit cards, 12 months interest free, instant music & movie downloads, drive through take-away, microwaves, pre-mixed drinks .. the list goes on.

We are impatient generally because we are thinking about the future, expecting something or wanting something to happen exactly in the way we would like it. Longing for this imagined future actually robs us of time.

In contrast patience requires that we stay in the present moment, that we fully experience the ‘right now’. It gives us the gift of time & experience. it lets us taste all the moments of life whether humdrum or extraordinary.

For this month, day and very second, I wish you experience what is, to fully embrace this moment. Know there is no where to 'get,' one will never arrive.' The destination isn't somewhere else, it's here, right now. When we understand this we start to see patience as more than just a virtue, it’s a blessing.