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Sometimes by reading the words of others we can relate, connect and decide if something is right for us. Find out what others have to say about 21 Days of Yoga....

quotes2I would really like to thank you for this 21 days of yoga course. It has inspired and motivated me to continue my own home yoga practice. I am really surprised at how regularly I'm getting on my mat as I expected to let other things get in the way again. My previous attempts to practice at home have always ended up like that. Now I really want to practice - it's great! Nicole Simms

quotes2This course has been amazing. I have learnt so much about yoga and myself. For a beginner new to yoga I felt nurtured and supported the whole way. Yoga is now a regular practice of mine. Thank you very much. Tina Degoria

quotes2I began the program really just to learn more about Yoga, I achieved that but so much more. Looking back on the experience I learnt so much about myself & others, about Yoga, meditation, living healthy physically, mentally & spiritually and that the Whole is the Goal. It truly was a life changing experience but is only just the beginning, I highly recommend the experience of this Journey to everyone." Matt Tucler

quotes2Brilliant. 21 Days of Yoga Prenatal helps you let go of the pressures of work and prepares you for the gentleness of motherhood. The relaxation and breathing techniques were particularly helpful." Joanna Carr, mother of Timmothy

quotes221 days of yoga is the coolest program out there for beginner yogis like myself. I have always wanted to do yoga but have never found a class or instructor I could truly connect with, until of course I found 21 days and could really be my own instructor with wonderful guidance through daily emails. Which by the way is like Christmas every morning waking up to something new to do today. I am happy to report that my life has changed so much just from learning this gentle art not only am I in the best physical shape of my life but also the best mental." Jenny S

quotes2I wanted to write in to thank you for creating this awesome program. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in May 2012, I was soon ready to get my prebaby body back asap. I wanted to do something at home that could be done easily during nap time and quickly too if I had to be. 21 Days of Yoga was exactly what I was looking for and in just the first 10 days I could feel my old self coming back, 20 days I could start to see it and now 40 days in I look and feel amazing. The program is awesome because of the daily emails, it makes you feel as if someone is right along for the ride with you, then in the last week you receive a skype call which I thought was truly wonderful, who out of any exercise program takes time from their day to see how you are doing? No one that’s who! I highly recommend this to anyone young or old, do the program and change your life!" Tosh Wood