Yin and Yang

A 5 minute clip to explain a little about yin and yang. The Taoists define yin yang as polar energies that fluctuate and interact in constant motion. If you observe the symbol of two curved teardrops, you will see the black (yin) side descending and the white (yang) side ascending. There is an inner circle […]

What does LOVE look like?

In looking at my love for Maya I asked myself what does LOVE look like. This is a lovely 2 minute clip on what love looks like. Hope it fills you up. Namaste,

Bawley Bush Retreat was a blast!

Last month's weekend retreat was incredible. Words cannot explain the utter joy I get from seeing people connect within, create a sense of ease and have so much fun. The yoga, practices, activities, food, accommodation and setting, it was perfect. So perfect in fact, the group suggested I don't advertise the August 2019 retreat as […]