Backward bends

About Backward Bends

The backward bending series, energize, refresh and invigorate the body. Because these poses open the chest, expand the lungs and literally turn the body out to face the world, they are renowned for stimulating and extroverting the body and mind.

Backward bends are often dynamic postures which move to counter gravity and therefore require and build energy and strength, especially in the wrists, arms, legs, buttocks and spine. Bending the spine backwards stretches and releases the muscles of the chest allowing circulation to flow freely to the heart and lungs. This action activates the respiratory and circulatory systems.

During backward bends the nervous system is stimulated, building heat and vitalizing the metabolism. The lymphatic system is favourably influenced when the thymus is pressured, and also by the stretch received through the lymph nodes and glands. Meanwhile the abdominal muscles are lengthened, toning and igniting the digestive system.

Just when you thought backward bends couldn’t be more healthful, there’s more! The spinal nerves, which give energy to all the other nerves, organs and muscles in the body, are sparked and regulated to result in a clearer more positive state of being.

Spinx or Easy cobra pose

Cobra pose

Twisting cobra

Snake pose

Half Locust pose

Locust pose

Easy bow pose

Bow pose

Shoulder pose

Half moon pose

Bridge pose


Cow’s face pose

Fish Pose