Digestive System Group

About Digestive System Group

This series of practices works specifically on the digestive system. Being the body’s energy power plant, the digestive system is of vital importance to health and well-being. It’s responsible for the breakdown of food, assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste.

The PMA2 group of asanas stimulates and tones the abdominal organs, increases flexibility in the spine, helps to relieve imbalances in the reproductive system, raises vitality, strengthens the core muscles and is particularly beneficial for indigestion, constipation, acidity, excess wind or gas, and the loss of appetite, diabetes and varicose veins.

The practices require a significant amount of effort and can be quite demanding on the lower back muscles. It is advisable to ensure there is adequate padding under the body, and that these asanas are introduced gradually. For those with back ailments and weak abdominal muscles, some poses may not be suitable; however variations and modifications may be used to protect and support the core. As with all yoga practices, listen to your body and honor it’s needs.

PMA2 Base position

Raised leg pose

Leg rotation


Leg lock pose

Rocking & Rolling

Sleeping abdominal

Universal Spinal twist

Mini Boat pose

Boat pose