Energy Block Postures

About Energy Block Postures

This series of practices improves the flow of energy in the body and mind by releasing the neuro-muscular knots.

Often we view the body and mind as two separate entities. However, the body-mind connection is inseparable – two parts of a whole. Every mental knot has a corresponding physical, muscular knot just as each physical knot has a corresponding mental knot. The aim of asana is to release these binding knots, freeing us in all areas of life.

The PMA3 series specifically targets blockages in the pelvic region and increases flexibility in the ankles, knees, hips and spine. It also moves tension from the shoulder muscles and the spinal cord, stimulates the lungs and heart, balances the reproductive system and revives the endocrine functions, bringing about a sense of vitality and zest to the whole being.

Pulling rope

Dynamic Spinal Twist

Churning the mill

Rowing boat

Chopping wood

Salutation Pose

Crow walking

Abdominal Stretch Pose

Wind releasing Pose