About Relaxation Group

These asanas give the body the rest it so badly needs. The importance of this series cannot be over-emphasized.

Relaxation poses are commonly used at the end of the asana section of a class, providing time to let all the bodily systems return to their normal functioning levels. This ensures that toxins and energy blockages are dispersed and that the breath and heartbeat can return to their natural rate.

These poses may appear to be the easiest but they are in fact the most challenging. To practice them correctly, one must consciously release the tension in all the muscles of the body. Often the muscles appear to be completely relaxed, but tightness still remains. Even while one sleeps, the comfort is elusive.

Relaxation asanas in the prone position help to alleviate postural abnormalities and are especially recommended for back and spinal problems. They can be practiced during any time of the day for any comfortable duration. Full relaxation allows the whole psycho-physiological system to rest. Benefits are bountiful.

Corpse Pose

Reversed Corpse Pose

Superior Posture


Flapping Fish