About Standing Group

This series of asanas has a stretching and strengthening effect on the back, shoulders and leg muscles. They are particularly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time sitting down or who have stiffness or pain in the back.

Standing poses activate and engage the core muscles. When our core is strong, correct posture and proper body alignment can be maintained. The follow on effect is that, when we are elongated through the spine and open in the chest, oxygenation and lung capacity increases.

Generally, right-handed people find these poses most easily learned by practicing to the right side first. To counterbalance the effect of habitual behaviour patterns, a practice leading with the left side is recommended. For left-handed people, practice with the right leading. This improves balance, coordination and connection between the two sides of the body and two hemisphere of the brain, thus producing union – yoga.

Palm Tree Pose – Tadasana

Swaying palm tree pose – Tiryaka tadasana

Waist rotating pose – Kati chakrasana

Swaying Waist rotating pose

Squat and rise pose

Dynamic energy pose

Right angle pose

Double angle pose

Triangle pose

Revolved triangle pose

Side angle pose

Revolved Side angle pose

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Swaying while standing pose

Pendulum Pose

Bow & Arrow Pose

Locked Hand Raising Pose

Spine & Back Pose