About Vadrasana Series

The Vadrasana series is regarded as the king of all asanas related with the mind. Vajrasana is the Sanskrit word for thunderbolt, and rightly so, just like a thunderbolt these postures have a powerful influence on the senses.
Within the body there are thousands of channels. These channels, commonly known as nadis or meridians, allow energy to flow. The major nadi governing the genital and urinary system is called the Vajra nadi. In this series the Vajra nadi is regulated and sexual energy in the body balanced.
This group is very beneficial for the reproductive and digestive system and relieves one from pelvic strain, waist pain and indigestion.
During the Vajrasana series the flow of energy is directed from mooladhara chakra up to sahasrara chakra. Not only does this help for meditation, it also transfers sensual energy toward spiritual upliftment; bringing our minds out of individual passions and desires to the greater good of all.

Thunderbolt pose

Intoxicating Bliss Pose

Breath Balancing Pose

Gracious Pose

Lion Pose

Roaring Lion

Hero’s Pose

Table Position

Cat Stretch Pose

Tiger Pose

Dynamic Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose

Striking Cobra Pose

Prostration Pose

Equestrian Pose

Half Camel Pose


Sleeping Thunderbolt pose