Home Yoga Inspiration

I’m so passionate about Home Yoga as it has honestly transformed my life! Knowing that you don’t have to go somewhere to practice, that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, in the fresh air outdoors, even while your waiting at the traffic lights on your way to work. Yoga is a tool, a way of life, a practice which can support you through everyday life, not only what you do on the mat but how you think, feel and act.

Here is a collection of some tips and inspiration for your home yoga practice …

Start a home yoga practice TODAY

Happy Holidays!

Why 108?

The purpose of asana – What is it for?

Where to practice?

Be OK with your MUD

Self-care is self-less

The Power of Words & Positive Thinking


Self-knowledge through the Chakras

Yoga while traveling

DIY Yoga Props For Your Home Practice

Create a sacred space

Chanting Practices

Aware of your Habits

The next Home Yoga Summit

Reflecting on what works

Yoga in everyday life

Distractions in your practice

Procrastination in your practice

Unique Home Yoga Practice

Success in your practice

The Practice of Others

Summer Solstice

Yoga with my 18 day old

One Month Old Today!

Love Yourself! [MUST SEE Video by Erin Janus]

Be inspired, hear my home yoga practice

How I Live my Yoga

Lessons from a psych ward

Everyone is a Mother

Self Care Plan

Be honest and be real

Plan Your Practice

Peaceful Life

Is yoga everyday possible?

‘When you get the melon right, the body follows!’

‘Why a home yoga practice? – It’s your way of saying Thank You to yourself!’

Infuse your life with more health and well-being

Yoga for Patience

New Year filled with Yoga

Embrace Awkwardness

Stop walking on eggshells

Benefits of winter yoga

4 nourishing poses for winter

Living beyond limits

Navigate Change

The Vrittis: Patanjali’s Five Fluctuations of the Mind