Chanting Practices

About Chanting Practices

The Sanskrit word ‘mantra,’ means sacred syllable(s) or sacred word(s). Across the literature, mantras are described as vibrational formulas that are recited silently within, spoken, or sung outwardly. The sound vibrations of mantras permeate every cell of your being and allow your mind to dissolve and repose.

For thousands of years, yogis have stressed the value of chanting mantra in stabilizing and clearing the mind, leading one to deeper spiritual awakening and awareness.

Modern neuroscience is now beginning to discover the relationship between the way words are used and the impact on the functioning of the mind. When we hear, speak, chant or even think a mantra, the frontal lobes of our brain “light up” and the nerve endings fire up. There is increased flow of oxygen and blood. These frontal lobes are responsible for thought, learning, perception, and emotion.

The sound vibration produced by mantras go beyond the cognition of the mind. When the mind is unable to cognize, it simply dissolves and moves into a meditative space. As a result different patterns of the mind re-arrange themselves to become tranquil and in turn our mind can become more clam, centered and we can go within to our Truth.

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Shanti Path

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