Gratitude Yoga Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Wed 11th Dec 5.30-8pm

Slow down and open yourself up to the beauty of the present moment so you can develop a deep sense of appreciation for everything in this life.
Thank You. Two words that can change the world.

The benefits of gratitude seem endless. Yet it is so easy (especially at this time of year), to get caught up in our consumerist and scarcity society, focusing on what we lack, or on what other people have that we do not.

This retreat directs the attention to what we already have opening our eyes to the bounty that is life, something to marvel at, revel in, and celebrate rather than forget, ignore, or take for granted as it flies by. Cultivating gratitude in this way gives a much broader perspective, frees us to live life, no longer for our narrow selves, but for life itself.

Enjoy some heartfelt and centering yoga, breathing practices, relish in a scrumptious dinner and rejuvenate with the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra. For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051

Yoga and Sankalpa (intention) Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Wed 8th Jan 5.30-8pm

Where our attention goes, energy flows. When we get intentional, life gets sensational! Sankalpa is a sanskrit word meaning “intention born from the heart.” Different from a resolution, Sankalpa is a sacred promise made to yourself, aligning the mind & will with inner wisdom.

Honour the deeper meaning of your life, by creating and using a sankalpa to speak to the larger arc of your being, your dharma—your overriding purpose. The sankalpa becomes a statement you can call upon to remind you of your true nature and guide your choices.

We will create space, go within and flow with soul-full practices to connect with your own innate wisdom, and discover and affirm your Sankalpa. Movement, breathing, mediataion and of course, dinner included.

For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051

Calm, cool and collected Yoga Retreat - Bungendore, NSW

Sat 18th Jan 9-11.30am

Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda, this retreat is about balancing the heat of summer. 'Pitta' the fire element, governs this time of year. It's qualities of warmth, light, motivation and energy are great to aspire to, yet when out of balance we can burn out or loose ourselves in the 'heat of the moment.'

Join me for a balancing and restoring practice to calm and cool your body and mind.

Includes, movement through asana, breathing practices, meditation and a scrumptious morning tea. Venue - Bungendore School of Arts Centre

For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051

From the Heart Yoga Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Wed 12th Feb 5.30-8pm

This retreat is all about connecting to Anahata Chakra - the energy of the heart. Aligning with our authentic Self and taking the time to tune in and connect.

We will practice heart opening poses to uplift, inspire and vitalise. Through expanding the chest, shoulders and stomach we create more room to give and receive love.

A blend of yoga, breathing, relaxation, and a scrumptious dinner.

For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051