Half Day Retreats

Nurturing Yoga Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Wed 12th Dec 5.30-8pm $35

Do you ever feel like you’re always taking care of other people? Giving, giving, giving…and at the end of the week there is no time to give back to you! Ever feel like your mind just never stops and it’s this constant busy, demand and stress, it’s a challenge to just take a breath……

Well then this retreat is for you! Time to rejuvenate, restore and replenish your whole being.

Practice yoga, breathing, relaxation, eat a scrumptious dinner and explore self-care techniques to give back to you.

For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051

Vision Board Yoga Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Sat 19th Jan 9am-1pm $60

Make your resolutions a reality! Join us for goal setting, vision boards and blissful yoga. Guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired, passionate and full of life.
This half-day workshop located at Braidwood Regional Arts Center, will help to clarify, create, define and materialize your dreams, aspirations and goals. The day, includes centering asana and pranayama, vision board creating, morning tea and a blissful Yoga Nidra, is perfect for the first timer or more experienced student wanting to spark and liven their yoga practice.
Take the time to invest in your future and give yourself the gift of yoga.
For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051

From the Heart Yoga Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Wed 13th Feb 5.30-8pm $35

This retreat is all about connecting to Anahata Chakra - the energy of the heart. Aligning with our authentic Self and taking the time to tune in and connect.
We will practice heart opening poses to uplift, inspire and vitalise. Through expanding the chest, shoulders and stomach we create more room to give and receive love.
A blend of yoga, breathing, relaxation, and a scrumptious dinner.
For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051