Half Day Retreats - Satya Live Yoga - Southern Tablelands

Half Day Retreats

Letting Go Yoga Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Wed 15th August 5.30-8pm $35

This retreat is all about 'Letting Go.'

Being able to let go of the things that trouble us is essential in allowing peace and positivity into our lives. You may have fears, worries, anxieties, maybe you're holding onto a grudge, dwelling on an unforeseen outcome, or have a challenge letting go of possessions. Whatever it is, whatever is standing in your way of being more at ease and in harmony, together we will explore how to let it go so that you can experience freedom from within.

Includes conscious movement, breathing techniques, guided relaxation and dinner.
For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051



Spice it up Yoga Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Wed 19th Sept 5.30-8pm $35

This retreat is about spicing things up … why? because everyone can benefit from a little spice. When I say spice, I'm thinking changing things up and having fun. It's easy to get stuck in a rut, we all have regular (sometimes mundane) routines of family, work, chores, to-do lists ... you get the drift. By doing things a little differently we can shift our perspective, inspire, motivate and lighten the load.

We will play a little game, do some fun and different yoga poses, practice mudras, a guided relaxation and enjoy a aromatic dinner.
For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051



The Truth of Emotions - Mornington, VIC

Sun 30th Sept 1-5pm $75

To be human is to experience an array of emotion.

Of course, we all would rather not feel grumpy, jealous, antagonistic, or irritable. The experience of anger, pain, grief and sadness can at times be too overwhelming to even acknowledge.

One of the primary aims of yoga is to alleviate suffering but this doesn't mean our practice becomes an emotional bypass. To the contrary in fact. We can only become equanimous, happy and content by being real and truthful with ourselves and our emotions. This retreat is all about that.

Together we will explore difficult feelings and learn to trust in the guidance of our emotions as an essential part of our own unique authentic journey to wholeness. Included is a yoga journal and take home gift.
For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051



Yoga to Cleanse Retreat - Braidwood, NSW

Wed 24th Oct 5.30-8pm $35

In this evening retreat you’ll learn easy to help cleanse and revitalize your whole being.

Combining Hatha Yoga and Ayurvedic Practices for the ultimate body-mind cleanse to transform the way you think, feel and connect.
Practice yoga poses to regulate digestion and elimination, neti – nasal cleaning, kalapbhati – pranayama, trataka – candle gazing, yoga nidra – deep relaxation and enjoy a clean, healthy ayurvedic dinner.
For more information call Christina on 0414 385 051