The words of others....

The words of others....

Sometimes by reading the words of others we can relate, connect and decide if something is right for us. Find out what others have to say about Empower with Home Yoga....

quotes2I can wholeheartedly recommend the Empower with Home Yoga! Christina's knowledge, passiIeshaon and divine heart were so present and her energy so supportive - I felt that I received all the benefits of a live class without having to organise travel and child care (or even a pedicure) because I was in the comfort of my own space and could practice at the times that best suited me. Perfect for my current life circumstances!"
Iesha Delune - Wholeistic Vitality


quotes2I tend to fly by the seat of my pants with my yoga practise and with two little people to look after, as well as work commitments, locking into a set class outside of my home often proves tricky. I adore the toryway christina teaches and being able to have her teachings at 'my beck and call' - in my own home! is amazing. Sometimes I commit to doing a full hour of yoga with her on my telly, other times its is just 15 minutes - either way, it makes me feel invigorated, balanced and vital. I can sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend Christina's empower home yoga practise. Her warmth, openness and genuine nature also make it very easy to connect with her if any issues/ questions arise. I love it! Thank you again Miss Christina xx
Tory Breheny - Naturopath Active stillness

quotes2Before I started Christina's - Empower with Home Yoga I was quite the stress head as a busy person I was a little unsure how I would go about fitting in yoga to my day, trying to find time always used to be a struggle, but I knew I needed to do it, after experiencing a really really stressful year. This program seemed perfect. I wanted something to help me de-stress, recharge and improve my fitnesConors at the same time. After only a few practices I was feeling great, each is different and is the perfect way to start the day. Not only am I less stressed, more focused, happy and productive. I have lost weight and am starting to tone up more too. Christina has a real zest for life, she is truly inspiring. That is what keeps me going day in and day out, the messages that leave me in a space that is totally unique and transforming. Ive done yoga before in large classes or gyms, Christina online program makes the practice unique and its suitable for all fitness levels. If your looking for more energy, tone and ready to feel confident, then this program is an absolute must, thanks Christina.
Conor O'Neill - Body Transformations


quotes2Getting older, having arthritis and being more susceptible to injury, I knew I Alan Loganneeded to bring more movement into my body. Going to classes wasn't appealing, so when I found the course and learnt that I could do it at home I was relieved. I enjoy yoga and can move more freely. There has been a remarkable difference in my shoulder pain so I will continue to practice. Thank you.

Alan Logan - Newsagency Manager


quotes2I began the program really just to learn more about Yoga, I achieved that but so much more. Looking back on the experience I learnt so much about myself & others, about Yoga, meditation, living healthy physically, mentally & spiritually and that the Whole is the Goal. It truly was a life changing experience but is only just the beginning, I highly recommend the experience of this Journey to everyone." Kylie Thorn


quotes2This course has been amazing. I have learnt so much about yoga and myself. For a beginner new to yoga I felt nurtured and supported the whole way. Yoga is now a regular practice of mine. Thank you very much. Tina Degoria


quotes2I would really like to thank you for this Empower with Home yoga course. It has inspired and motivated me to continue my own home yoga practice. I am really surprised at how regularly I'm getting on my mat as I expected to let other things get in the way again. My previous attempts to practice at home have always ended up like that. Now I really want to practice - it's great! Nicole Simms
quotes2I have wanted to establish a regular home yoga practice for years, but I could never do it. So many things prevented me from getting to the mat. This course transjaneformed the way I looked at my practice and it helped me to overcome the limitations in my mind. I am fully aware of the reasons why I practice and prioritse my practice today. As a result I am a better mum, wife, business woman, friend, my whole life has improved."
Jane Rullar - Market Gardener


quotes2I just loved being part of Empower with home yoga. It helped me get back onto the mat, and connect more deeply. I really looked forward to the snippets of wisdom anMardied encouragement you sent each morning. I never felt judged and always felt supported. Thank you Christina."

Mardie Gray - Owner of Little forest produce

quotes2You are so brave, wise and beautiful Christina. You bring light and happiness to everyone who meets you. Thank you for coming into Daniellemy life and helping me become a better person. You are inspirational to me in so many ways. This course was amazing.
Danielle Davinch - Owner of Bambini day care center


quotes2Empower with Home Yoga’ has definitely helped me get my life back on track. After months of depression and suffering debilitating anxiety attacks I needed to turn things around. I knew that to do something physical as part of the healing process would be of benefit and the suggestion of joining a yoga class seemed like a great idea. Just how was I going to do that when I could hardly get myself out my front dliz evansoor! With ‘Empower with Home Yoga’ I was able to get myself to a better place…in my own home & in my own time…without having to deal with all the external pressures of life. The daily emails were timely and I can’t say enough about Christina’s balanced & nurturing approach to yoga. The whole process has been mentally & physically ‘empowering.’ I’m now practising yoga daily. I’m much stronger, setting goals, making plans & living life! Thank you Christina and your ‘Empower with Home Yoga’.
Liz Evans - Owner of Wilson Road Fashion


quotes2Empower with home yoga is the coolest program out there for beginner yogis like myself. I have always wanted to do yoga but have never found a class or instructor I could truly connect with, until of course I found empower with home yoga and could really be my own instructor with wonderful guidance through daily emails. Which by the way is like Christmas every morning waking up to something new to do today. I am happy to report that my life has changed so much just from learning this gentle art not only am I in the best physical shape of my life but also the best mental." Jenny S
quotes2This course goes beyond the physical poses. It's about integrating yoga into everyday life. It helped me prioritize and see the need and value time to connect within. I am confident with my home yoga practice and use it while I'm cooking, driving and communicating. Very happy to recommend this course, it has been transformational. John Carroll