Experience More Stability


Legs Feet Hips

Sun 13th Mar 9.30-11.30am $75

In this 2 hour accredited experiential workshop, you will learn simple and subtle techniques to effectively bring more balance and stability to your structure - liberating movement from the ground up.

Using accessible yoga and movement with fascial techniques, we address the neurovascular system in the lower body, through a range of micro-stretches and movements to lift the arches in the feet, realign the ankles and lower legs, release the hamstrings and free the hips.

From participating in this workshop you can expect to experience more stability, improved circulation and better balance.

Join us from the comfort of your own home for this online workshop to empower and support yourself with safe, simple techniques that will -

  • help you feel more aliveness in your legs and hips
  • rebalance legs and feet
  • unblock stagnant energy
  • enhance your energetic connection to the ground
  • help to stabilise your structure

Your Teachers

Lai Morris

"In my work as a myofascial therapist and yoga instructor I have been influenced largely by the ground-breaking work of Thomas Myers who has created a map of whole-body Fascial and Myofascial linkages. My most recent learning is in a neurovascular/fascial technique that encourages subtle body awareness & gentle movement to facilitate change. Every day I am seeing first hand the benefits of this work and I'm so excited to share this with you."

Christina Jagusiak

"Learning, living and teaching yoga is my passion. When I say yoga, I'm referring to it's definition, union. That experience you get when you feel aligned, connected and whole. This is the practice and what I have dedicated my life to. I've been fortunate to live in India, spend years in yoga ashrams and train in many styles and believe that it is through an integration of body, mind and spirit that brings us that holistic well-being of wholeness."