Welcome to Teaching Yoga for Addiction and Recovery
These sessions are intended to broaden understanding and inspire yoga teachers, by hearing about what works from experienced teachers around the world.

As teachers, there is no greater joy than seeing people change as a result of the yoga practices we offer. And as practitioners we know, yoga is truly remarkable and it works.

Intended for yoga teachers it is a practical guide which we hope will inspire confidence to enable others to offer yoga classes to those who may benefit the most.

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Session 1: Greg’s story

greg2In this interview we speak to Greg who is in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Greg has been practicing the 12 Steps program, Narcotics Anonymous for nearly 40 years and has been clean and sober for most of this time. Greg shares his experience as life as an addict and how 12 step fellowships, yoga and meditation have had a positive impact allowing him to find freedom from addiction.

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Session 2: Yoga Psychologydeva2

In this interview Swami Devamaya shares with us the yoga psychology behind addiction and how the chakras can be viewed as steps to bring balance to the body/mind/spirit. Devamaya has been a student of yoga for 45 years. She has taught yoga since 1983 – in city, suburban and small country classes, and had her own school in Melbourne for many years. Currently she is coordinates two units of the Satyananda teacher-training Diploma of Yoga Studies, at Mangrove Mountain, NSW, Australia; and conducts workshops and classes around Australia and New Zealand throughout the year.

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Devamaya's Blogspot - devamaya-yoga.blogspot.com.au


Session 3: Yoga in Drug and Alcohol Programs and PrisonsBIO

In this interview, Brendon Sakey also known as Yogeshwaran – shares with us his experience teaching yoga in drug and alcohol programs and prisons. Yogeshwaran is an accredited Satyananda yoga teacher and also a social worker He is passionate about integrating yoga into health and community services, where it is most needed. Yogeshwaran teaches yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness. Through his work has seen the therapeutic benefits of yoga in daily life and knows from his own experience that yoga can help transform and uplift a person.

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Yoga Education in Prisons Trust - www.yogainprisonstrust.org


Session 4: Sharing from ExperienceKarunamayi New Pic3 (1)

In this interview, Karunamayi shares with us her passion of bringing yoga and its transformational effects to those who find themselves embroiled within addiction, whether as an addict themselves or those who support them. Karunamayi has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, has been teaching for the past 5 and living, also currently managing the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales UK. She is an intuitive, compassionate and skilled yoga teacher who brings a wealth of life experience to her teaching. With an inclusive approach, Karunamayi helps students from diverse backgrounds to explore and become aware of their potential.

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Healing Addiction through Yoga Course - www.mandalayoga.net


Session 5: Grounded, Present and Honestamara

Swami Armarananda shares her experience in teaching yoga in drug and rehabilitation centers in Sydney for over 20 years. Sw Armaranan da has been a student and teacher of Satyananda Yoga for over 30 years and exemplifies the principles of serve, love, give. Her teaching is based on her experience of the profound effect yoga has had on her life and her survival through yoga. Once her feet were on the ground, she had the opportunity, through lots of training and her own healing, to then, with that passion, teach others to help themselves through challenges

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Manly Yoga - www.manlyyoga.com.au


Session 6: Relapse Prevention and Y12 SRNikki Headshot

In this interview Nikki Myers passionately shares with us her personal experience with addiction and the solution she has found through yoga and 12-Step fellowships. Nikki is a Yoga Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Addictions Recovery Specialist and MBA. She is the founder Y12SR , The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery which is based in its theme ‘the issues live in the tissues’, Y12SR is a relapse prevention program that weaves the art & science of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step programs. Y12SR meetings are now available all over the United States and the curriculum is rapidly becoming a feature of addiction recovery treatment centers.

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Y12SR - www.y12sr.com/


Session 7: Yoga with the 12 steps program12step

In this video Cetanarupa shares her experience in working with twelve-step programs and some of the similarities of the twelve-steps to yoga. As twelve-step programs are so commonly used for treating addictive and dysfunctional behaviours it's likely for teachers working with people in this field to come across them. The intention of this session is to give teachers a greater understanding of what the twelve-steps actually are, how they can work in ones life and how yoga can really compliment the program.

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Session 8: Review

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The course was co- created by Swami Krsnadhara Saraswati and Centanarupa both Satyananda trained yoga teachers in Australia and enthusiastic about innovation and inclusion for everyone in the yoga we love to teach.

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from this course as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Our sincere appreciation to those who generously contributed and we thank the Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association (Inc) for their generous financial support in allowing us the opportunity to make these sessions available to share with others.

We also acknowledge and thank SYTA members who over the years have contributed and actively supported knowledge in this area.

A very big thank you to all of our contributors, Swami Devamaya Saraswati, Greg, Yogeshwaran, Karunamayi, Swami Armarananda Saraswati and Nikki Myers, who have so generously with honestly shared their experiences so that others may benefit from their experience and wisdom. We have been humbled by your passion and willingness to share and support others and we could not have made this possible without you.

This course is a humble offering of our dedication and devotion to yoga and given to anyone who may benefit with faith, love and sincerity.

We would appreciate your feedback and contributions to further develop these offerings to others.

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