Lord Shiva’s pose – Natarajasana


  • Stand with the feet together and the arms beside the body.
  • Bend right knee and take a hold of the right big toe with right hand behind the body.
  • Raise the left arm up and forward, curl the index finger to the base of the left thumb to form jnana mudra.
  • Keeping the hips aligned, slowly raise and stretch the right leg up and back, simultaneously, swivel the right shoulder to point the elbow upwards.
  • Bring the right foot toward the back of the head and slightly lower the outstretched arm to counterbalance.
  • Gaze softly at the left hand.
  • Hold for as long as comfortable.
  • Release the posture by reversing the order of movements then repeat with left leg.
  • Practice up to 3 rounds to each side.

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