Chopping wood

Kashtha Takshanasana

  • Squat with the feet flat on the floor a comfortable distance apart.
  • Have the knees fully bent and separated.
  • Clasp the fingers of both hands together and place them above the floor between the feet.
  • Straighten the arms and keep them straight throughout the practice.
  • Imagine the action of chopping wood and raise the straightened arms up towards the ceiling, stretch the spine long.
  • Gaze up to the fist.
  • Make a downward stroke with the arms, as if chopping wood.
  • Simultaneously, expel the breath and make a ‘Ha’ sound.
  • This completes one round, practice 5-10 rounds.


  • Inhale while raising the arms.
  • Exhale while lowering the arms.


  • The movement and the stretch of the shoulder and upper back muscles.
  • Synchronizing the movement with the breath.


  • If a full squat isn’t appropriate, hold a standing squat with the legs apart and knees slightly bent, ensure that the feet are in line with the knees.


  • Knee problems.
  • Sciatica.
  • Slipped disc.
  • Hernia.


  • Loosens up the pelvic girdle and tones the pelvic muscles.
  • Improves flexibility and strength of the upper back and shoulder muscles.
  • Great for the shoulder joints.
  • Helps to release frustration and lighten the mood.
  • Helpful in pre-natal stage of pregnancy.