Striking Cobra Pose

Shashank bhujangasana

  • Assume Table Position.
  • Lower the hips back so the buttocks rests on the heels.
  • Keep the hands on the floor, the arms straight and rest the forehead on the floor in front of the knees. Assuming the Held Child’s Pose (Shashankasana).
  • Without moving the position of the hands, slide the chest forward to just above the floor until it is in line with the hands.
  • Have the elbows in close to the body.
  • Move the chest further forward and then upward, straighten the arms and lower the pelvis to the floor. Assuming the Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana).
  • Ideally the nose and chest brush the surface of the floor as the body moves forward.
  • Have the back arched, chest open and head raised.
  • Hold for a few seconds then slowly raise the buttockes and move the body backwards, keeping the arms straight, returning to Child’s Pose (Shashankasana).
  • Practice up to 7 rounds.

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