Full butterfly

Poorna Titali Asana

  • Sit in the Seated Base Position (Prarambhik Sthiti).
  • Bend the knees and bring the feet towards the buttocks.
  • Separate the knees to the sides and join the soles of the feet together.
  • Bring both the heels as close to the perineum, (the general region between the anus and the genital organs) as comfortable.

Stage 1

  • Take a hold of the ankles with the hands.
  • Gently move the knees up and down quite swiftly, the movement resembling a butterfly flitting its wings.
  • Practice up to 30 up and down movements.

Stage 2

  • In the same position, relax the leg as much as possible.
  • Place the hands on the knees.
  • Gently push the knees down with the hands letting the knees spring up by themselves.
  • Practice 10 to 30 movements.


  • Natural breath.


  • The sensations experienced in the hip joint.
  • The stretch in the thighs and groin.
  • Keeping the legs relaxed and passive.


  • Sciatica
  • Sacral conditions

Practice note

  • To release the legs after completion of the asana, bring both the knees to the chest before straightening them back into the Seated Base Position (Prarambhik Sthiti). This will help ensure that the knee joint is realigned.


  • Prepares the legs for meditation asanas.
  • Releases the inner thigh muscles.
  • Helps remove tiredness.