Sahasrara Chakra

Seventh Chakra | Crown ChakraSahasrara Chakra
>>Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara
>>Color: white/violet
>>Element: space
>>Development: early adulthood onwards
>>Location: crown of the head (cerebral cortex)
>>Balanced Qualities: connection with divine
Imbalanced Qualities: negativity, separation, duality
>>Main Right: to know, to Learn
>>Body Location Where Physical Issues May Occur: brain
>>Postures that Balance Chakra: Balancing poses that bring awareness to the body and the consciousness like One-legged prayer pose – Eka pada pranamasana and Eagle pose - Garudasana

Sahasrara chakra is not technically a chakra, rather the culmination of all the chakras. ‘Sahasrara’ means infinite, just like the name suggests, this junction is said to be infinite, the seat of the soul, the place where final liberation is achieved.
It represents total unification, harmony and fulfillment.
The Sahasrara Chakra is located on the top of the head. It is also known as the “Thousand-Petalled Lotus,” a symbol of complete, unfolding Consciousness.
The correlating mantra is the same as for Anja Chakra, the original sound OM.
The positive attributes of the Sahasrara Chakra are freedom, omnipresent, omniscient and true bliss. Misdirected Manifestations include poor balance, lack of purpose or spiritual exploration.