Vishuddhi Chakra

Fifth Chakra | Throat ChakraVishuddhi Chakra
>>Sanskrit Name: Vishuddhi
>>Color: blue
>>Element: sound
>>Development: 7 – 12 years
>>Location: throat
>>Balanced Qualities: open communication
>>Imbalanced Qualities: withdrawn
>>Main Right: to express oneself
>>Body Location Where Physical Issues May Occur: throat, lungs, sinuses
>>Postures that Balance Chakra: Roaring Lion - Simhagarjanasana, neck stretches and shoulder openers like Shoulderstand Sarvangasana and Plow Pose - Halasana
‘Visha’ translates to impurity, and ‘shuddhi’ means purify, just as the name suggests, this chakra is the purifying energy centre within the being. Vishuddhi Chakra is situated in the throat. It is associated with the neck, throat, jaw, ears, voice, trachea, brochial tubes, upper lungs, esophagus, arms and Thyroid gland.
Vishuddhi chakra is connected with the element of space, also known as ether, and the sense of hearing. It is often symbolised by a pale blue colour and a lotus flower with sixteen petals. Its corresponding mantra is HAM.
The positive attributes of the Vishuddhi Chakra are clear communication, freedom of expression and expansion. Misdirected Manifestations include anxiety, lack of freedom, restriction, thyroid and throat problems.