About Christina

About Christina…About ChristinaWith the desire to be the best person she could be, Christina began practicing yoga from a young age. Being quite focused on body image and appearance Christina was drawn to a physical asana practice and lived by the motto, ‘no pain, no gain.’

Through her early teens Christina battled with an eating disorder and escaped life by using different substances  and compulsive behaviours. Seeing the unmanageability of the life she was leading, Christina soon learnt that the only way out of these destructive patterns, was to connect with her true, Higher Self.

In search of the Truth, Christina read endless books, underwent many self-development courses and tried countless healing modalities. She was exercising daily, eating unprocessed foods and drinking 3-4 litres of water a day. Thinking she was as healthy as ever, at the age of 20, Christina depleted her body of sodium and fell unconscious. The lack of oxygen to her brain caused a hypoxic brain injury . After awakening from a coma life as she had known, had completely changed. Doctors were indecisive as to how, if ever, her brain would heal. After years of brain training and different healing modalities Christina’s brain gradually recovered, yoga was a big part of the recovery process. To find out more - 'Excess water killed me, yoga healed me.'

This life changing event encouraged Christina to move from the finance sector into health and wellbeing. Passionate and full of life, Christina studied yoga, fitness and mind management. After working as a personal trainer and hatha yoga teacher in gyms and studios on the Mornington Peninsula, Christina wanted to delve deeper into the traditional and holistic practice of yoga, so she spent 2½ years living , studying and teaching in Satyananda Yoga Ashrams around the world.
No longer living by the ‘no, pain, no gain,’ philosophy, Christina believes in connecting with and following the inherent wisdom within. She is a dedicated teacher, authentic and compassionate, who puts her heart and soul into every class.

With the vision to make yoga accessible to all, Christina founded Satya Live Yoga in 2012. She specialises in online yoga courses to help people find their own home yoga practice. When Christina isn't connecting to her students online she is teaching out in the community. Currently she teaches rehab and psychiatric patients, teenagers from an array of high schools, children in primary schools, different fitness groups and corporate officers. On the Southern Tablelands she runs classes in Braidwood, Bungendore and Goulburn. Check out classes for more information.