Inspiration from the lineage

Linage - SivanandaSwami Sivananda, a medical doctor and Ayurvedic physician, left his successful practice in Malaysia in search of his spiritual calling and a teacher. Settling in the sacred valley of Rishikesh, he found his guru, Swami Vishwananda Saraswati, and was initiated into the Dashnami Sannyasa tradition when he was 37 years old.

Wanting to make yogic healing techniques accessible to all, Swami Sivananda toured extensively around India inspiring thousands to practice yoga and live the divine life by serving others. His motto, “Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize”

To carry out his mission, Swami Sivananda wrote hundreds of books, established the Divine Life Society, the Sivananda Ayurvedic Pharmacy, the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy and the Sivananda Eye Hospital.

Swami Sivanada’s message was heard, he healed the cripple, helped the less fortunate and touched the hearts of many – a true spiritual master of his time.

Swami Satyananda, the founder of Satyananda Yoga, met his spiritual teacher, Swami Sivananda, at the age of 20. After living with his guru for 12 years, Swami Satyananda left the ashram with the mission to spread yoga world-wide. He travelled the globe for over 20 years, introducing yoga to the West and carrying its authentic message from “door to door and shore to shore”.Linage - Satyananda
Through his teachings and extensive writings, Swami Satyananda made the ancient science of yoga more accessible and appealing to the modern mindset and culture.
He founded the International Yoga Fellowship Movement (IYFM), the Bihar School of Yoga and the renowned practice, SATYANANDA YOGA NIDRA.
Later in life, Swami Satyananda retired from touring and his active involvement in yoga teaching and moved to Rikhiapeeth, which at the time was a poverty-stricken, unknown village in one of India’s poorest states. Since then, Rikhiapeeth has been transformed into a vibrant centre of spirituality, hope and future.
In 2009, at the age of 86, Swami Satyananda used yogic techniques to enter into a deep state of meditation and consciously left his body, handing the Satyananda Yoga tradition to the present inspirers, Swami Niranjanananda and Swami Satyasangananda.

Known as a yogi from birth, Swami Niranjanananda (Swami Niranjan) began training with Swami Satyananda at the age of four, and was initiated into Sannyasa when he was aged 10. For the next 12 years he travelled and taught around the world, showing from a young age the knowledge and wisdom of an experienced master.
At 22, Swami NirLinage - Niranjananjan returned to India to guide the activities of the Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Math and the Yoga Research Foundation.  Eleven years later he was appointed successor to Swami Satyananda, undertaking the responsibility and vision to bring yoga into the modern world.
Through developing the first accredited yoga institute and writing many classic books on yoga, tantra and the Upanishads, Swami Niranjan has undoubtedly brought this vision to fruition.
Filled with devotion and compassion, Swami Niranjan continues to inspire and serve people worldwide from his base in Muger, India.

Through a number of inner awakenings, Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati, popularly known as Swami Satsangi, was lead to her guru, Swami Satyananda, at the age of 22. She travelled extensively with Swami Satyananda in India and abroad, developing into a scholar with deep insight into the yogic and tantric traditions.Linage - Satsangi
Dedicated to implementing the cardinal teachings of her guru - Serve, Love, Give - Swami Satsangi  established Sivananda Math, a charitable organisation in India that cares for over 2000 children, offers help to widows and village elders, and contributes to the economic and social welfare of over 30,000 Indian families.
Swami Satsangi is a truly inspirational author who has written major texts on yogic, Vedic and Tantric teachings. Her ability to articulate ancient spiritual knowledge in a modern context makes Swami Satsangi an ideal teacher to transmit the wisdom of her guru.
Swami Satsangi currently resides in Rikhia and travels the globe extensively, giving inspirational lectures and sharing the light of Satyananda yoga to all.