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108 Sun Salutations Yoga Retreat - Hummingbird Eco Retreatyoga-sun-salutation-surya-namaskar2

29th Nov - 6.30am-9.00am $50 (breakfast and gift included)

Recharge, energize and vitalize in this powerful yoga retreat!

Practice 108 (or as many as you'd like) rounds of Surya Namaskara, also known as sun salutations, to connect with the sun’s divine qualities of power, dynamism and luminosity.

Surya Namaskara, sun salutations, is a series of twelve physical postures. These alternating backward and forward bending postures bend and flex the spinal column through it’s maximum range, giving a profound stretch to the whole body. It is a powerful sequence, which also massages the internal organs and stimulates all the body systems, especially the reproductive, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.
The transition from posture to posture is facilitated with a specific breathing pattern. The inhalation is used to lift, open and extend, the exhalation to fold forward, soften and release.

In this special retreat we will be connecting each posture to it's specific trigger point and psychic center within the body and developing a more subtle inner awareness by moving with the specialised mantras associated with each position.
Through the combination of syllables and sounds, movements and breath our practice will have a powerful effect on the body and mind.
108 rounds will be instructed (54 on each side), you are welcome to do as many as you'd like. Some rounds will be paced briskly to generate heat and charge the entire system, and others at a more moderate speed to induce a deeper spiritual awareness and create a moving meditation.

Why 108? The number 108 has long been a number of significance through many cultures and traditions … Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture view 108 as the number representing the Wholeness of Existence. 1 stands for Higher Truth, 0 stands for Emptiness or Completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for Infinity or Eternity.

After the practice enjoy a scrumptious breakfast followed by a deep healing yoga nidra.