The opposite of fear

What's the opposite of fear?

Fear, it can be gripping, intense and paralyzing to our entire being. Every one of us has experienced it at some time in our lives, and for some, many times. However, if we surrender to it and draw upon our innate rimagesresource of wisdom through our higher selves, we are able to be present and can then move forward, fearlessly.

Today I pondered on how to cultivate fear's opposite, but I realize it's not a simple task - I'm not even sure what the opposite of fear is!

After contemplating for a while and doing a 'Google' search to get some insight, I came up with an array of answers.

Some websites say the opposite of fear is love, others say  courage, or confidence, or assurance. According the thesaurus, the opposite of fear…is safety. The opposing feeling to being scared is feeling secure.

The word that resonates most with me is faith. For me the opposite of fear is faith. This begs the question, how does one find faith? Faith comes from both trust and knowledge.
For example as a child I was afraid of monsters. My parents told me that monsters weren't real and while I trusted them and it ease the terror it wasn't until I grew older and had knowledge that monster weren't real that the fear totally slipped away.

Often we fear that which is a mystery to us; the unknown. So it stands to reason that knowledge alleviates fear because it produces faith.
Some tools in which to deal with the immediate impact of fear, connect with our true selves and resolve fear to trust include -
1) Breathe, relax and affirm you are safe. This will reduce adrenalin and anxiety, then you’ll then be able to think more clearly and make rational decisions, if necessary.
2) Surrender. Choose to let the fear go.
3) Remember who you are. You are a wise being. Inside us all resides a gentle, yet powerful soul.
4) Connect with your higher & true self and take back your power.
5) Be present. The past is the past, the future yet to come, be ‘in the now’ moment.
6) Change your perspective. Detach from the situation and see the truth surrounding your fear. Is it a real threat, or a perceived one?! Are there any positive actions you need to take?
7) Remember everything is exactly as it’s meant to be and that we experience things as opportunities for our souls to grow and evolve.