Mahamrityunjaya Mantra



om tra-yam-BA-kam ya-jaa-MA-he

su-gan-dhim pu-ñhöi-var-dha-NAM

ur-vaa-ru-ka-mi-va ban-DHA-naat

mrit-yor-muk-shee-ya maam-RI-taat

The Mahamrityunjaya mantra is a potent combination of sounds that, if repeated with faith, dedication and perseverance over a period of time, is known to bestow longevity, and to cure illness. It wards off evil or negative forces by creating a protective psychic shield around the practitioner. It is said to destroy sorrow and poverty, and to fulfil all of one’s desires. Anyone who wishes to remove obstacles in life and overcome difficult situations or illness should repeat this mantra regularly. The suggestion of chanting this mantra a minimum of eleven times, last thing at night, has been given by the Sages to ensure a better sleep and more positive dreams, give it  go!