Summer Solstice

Jai summer!sun

Today, in the Southern Hemisphere, we celebrate the Summer Solstice. It is the height of the summer—the longest day and shortest night of Earth’s solar year.
Solstice literally means “standing of the sun” so the easiest way to connect to this stellar turning point in the Earth’s yearly cycle is by reflecting on our own personal journeys, how far we have come, since the Winter Solstice.
From this point until the winter solstice everything on Earth will be turning within. Using this time to focus on what we wish to develop and sustain in ourselves during the coming months is a great way to utilize the energizing paths that lead within that are prevalent this time of year.

So questions you can ask yourself in meditation or during asana are -

What do I want to encourage in my life?
How do I balance the light and dark within myself?
What lights my fire, what turns me on and what do I desire?
How do I celebrate, nurture and nourish my body, mind and spirit?

And of course, doing this Sun Yoga practice, maybe even in the sun if you’re feeling frisky, is a great way to welcome this new time in our lives: