One Month Old Today!

One Month Old Today!1 month
In the last month we have used 1 disposable nappy, 18 eco-disposable inserts, washed 326 cloth nappies ... and Kailash still prefers to go nude!

I'm someone who likes to be organised, focused and on time! I knew that I'd need to let go of these ideals as a new mum and embrace the chaos and unpredictability of this next chapter in life.
Thank goodness for yoga! Today I had plans to go to a meeting in the city and do my fruit and veggie shopping at the local markets. After a virtually sleepless night and morning of a restless baby, I could see leaving the house would be like trying to get water out of a rock. Instead of pushing upstream and holding onto my determined nature, I took a few breaths, smiled and realised how much easier it is to go with the flow. For years I've been teaching this in classes and practicing it in daily life yet I still forget! This is why I believe yoga isn't just something we do for 90 minutes a week on a mat, it's a practice to live by.

How quickly my pride has me wondering 'why is this not working the way it should be?!' Let me correct … 'why is this not working the way I think it should be?!' I get caught up into thinking I know how things should be and then complain to myself when they don't go to plan. It reminds me of the saying – 'I plan and God laughs!' God, Universe, Divine, Higher Power, whatever you choose to call it, when I'm trying to be the Director and manage this game of life, I'm bound to be resentful and unhappy.

The more and more I practice 'going with the flow,' accepting things as they come and truly trusting it will be as it's meant to be, I find myself in a state of peace and freedom. It's no longer a battle. There is no-one to fight. I can let go and BE.

Each time I change a nappy and 2 minutes later it's dirty again, I think to myself, this is exactly what I need to be doing right now. Being in this precious moment, with the most important person in my day, my beautiful one month old, Kailash Ananda Carroll.

Wishing you a day of ease and effortless flow,