Be inspired, hear my home yoga practice

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Be inspired, hear my home yoga practice

Is your home yoga practice on a bit of a lull?
Are you finding it a challenge to get and stay motivated?
Do you want to enhance your practice & revive your love affair with yoga?
If so, this audio is for you!

In this audio Kate Connell from You and the Yoga Mat, interviews me on my home yoga practice. I cover -

ॐ my love story with yoga
ॐ  a-ha moments as a result of my at-home yoga 
 who my greatest teachers are 
ॐ what my practice consist of and how has it changed over time 
 what inspires me to get on the mat 
ॐ the practices + modalities that enhance my practice 
ॐ the techniques and tricks I use in periods of turmoil, change and chaos
And much MORE!

To listen in click here.

Enjoy your practice.