The power of colour

What is Colour?abstract-rainbow-colors
Energy is the vital force of life. It is the source of every existing thing. It is a natural force of the Universe, which permeates everything from the smallest atoms and molecules to the largest planets and stars. It has the capacity of a system to do work, the ability to change things, and can be converted from one form to another.

Colour is simply light which is made up of different wavelengths and frequencies, together forming the electro-magnetic spectrum, which is energy that is visible to the human eye. Colour Therapy uses this visible spectrum of light and the colour's energies contained within.

The power of Colour ...

Each colour has its own particular vibrational wavelength and frequency, with red having the longest wavelength and slowest vibration, and violet having the shortest wavelength and highest vibration.

The seven colours of the spectrum resonate to that of the seven major Chakras or energy centres of the human body. It is a well know scientific fact that everything has a vibration, so if your vibrations are off-kilter, specific colours are used to treat afflicted parts of your body in order to heal, harmonise and rebalance.

The underlying principle of Colour Therapy is that every cell and organ in the body vibrates at a particular frequency, as do colours. By exposing light and colour to parts of the body, Chakra points or site of injury, one can bring about physical and emotional changes. The therapeutic energy of the colours can be absorbed through the skin, the body, sight and visualisation/through the mind. The attributes and qualities of each colour cause a shift in energy and this aids in restoring the body to good health and therefore alters our state of imbalance.

When we suffer from a disease or disorder, or simply feel 'off colour', it is indicative that parts of our body are not functioning at their proper frequencies - This implies a Chakra is imbalanced or has been blocked. An unhealthy body gives out a distorted and disturbed pattern of vibrations thus displaying a state of energy imbalance.

We need a balance of tchakrahe energy from the seven spectrum colours, so that the colour vibrations can nourish the physical cells and organs and influence our emotional, mental and nervous activity as well as our spiritual well-being. Colours will affect our moods. Some will be uplifting and inspiring while others depressing. Our feelings and emotions are directly affected by the balance or imbalance of hormones in our body.

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