Bake Yourself Happy

dojosWhen I first arrived in Braidwood I began working at Dojo's, a beautiful sourdough bakery. The aroma, warmth and comfort that fresh wholesome bread radiates is divine! Today I feel grateful to enjoy bread, or just food in general, without the attachments and drama.

For many years I used food to manage my emotions. Whether it was to cover, numb, avoid or escape, food gave a temporary relief from reality. It was a distraction from whatever was going on. I could easily become obsessed with intake, calories, diets, fads, exercise, purging, restricting, binging, you name it!

I was searching for something from the food. Happiness ... love ... connection.

Yoga teaches me that nothing external can fill that internal void. You can't 'bake yourself happy.' No amount of food, alcohol, drugs, money, possessions, approval or qualifications you have is ever enough to bring lasting contentment.

It is through feeling, living, experiencing and the embracing all aspects of life (good and bad), that brings the real joy. You are enough. You have enough. It is enough. Right here, right now, as you are.

Blessings for a fulfilled month of festivities. Connecting to the inner Light and the true happiness within.