Happy Birthday Maya!

Happy Birthday Maya!

On 8th November it was Maya Moksha's first birthday.

We feel so incredibly blessed to have Maya in our lives. Born at 800 grams and dropping to 713 grams there were many times we feared the worst. This strong and determined little munchkin continued to  Maya spent over 4 months in hospital, had 8 blood transfusions, was fed through a tube some times less than 1mil of breastmilk at a time and has seen more doctors in her life than one could imagine!

We started the day with present opening. She adored playing with balloons. Her birthday cake 'the hungry caterpilliar' she devoured.

To acknowledge her identical sister, Samsara Moksha, we spread her ashes in the ocean and the children each sent her a balloon in heaven. Feeling so fortunate to have Samsara forever in our hearts. Even the smallest of feet have the power to leave everlasting footprints.

Here's a little poem I wrote when I left the hospital ...

The doctors they tell you, prepare for the worst
Your world tears apart your dreams are immersed
She is far too small, she has a battle ahead
You search for some hope in the eyes of the Ped.

The day turns to night and the team goes away
A doctor and nurse are the only to stay
The clock goes so slowly yet the hours still pass
Your try to reach out to that face behind the glass

Your life is the monitor you watch every beat
You watch every breath; you don’t leave your seat

As night starts to deepen you start to reflect
You start to question what to expect
You try to reason you try to make sense
You feel joy yet your pain is intense

The longest night in history draws to a close
The day that stood still, the day where time froze
The smallest human you have ever seen
So tough, so hard, courage unseen.

Hours become days and days become weeks
Weeks become months, with falls and peaks
The road is long the journey is hard
The climb is tough your mind is scarred.

But your family and friends are there, you’re not alone
You soldier on regardless as NICU becomes your home
Those brilliant doctors and staff are there on your ride
With those Angels of mercy there at your side

How can one so little be so tough and brave
And defy all the odds that once looked so grave
A heart the size of the MCG in a body built so small
She took on every challenge and answered every call

Sometimes when she is sleeping, I sit there at her side
And appreciate every second and watch her with such pride
Our girl came home, her battle was hard, the lucky we were among
As her sister stayed there forever, forever she is young.
Welcome beautiful Maya Moksha Carroll.