How you transition, changes your life


We transition dozens if not hundreds of times a day - from the house to outside, home to work, one yoga pose to the next, waking to sleeping etc. Most transitions go unnoticed, but it's the ones we intentionally create and the ones thrust upon us, that are often the most difficult to navigate.

I've been thinking about transitions alot recently as Kailash finds them challenging. This is a real blessing as it's forcing me to pay as much attention on moving from one task to the next, as the task itself.

It's so easy to mindlessly transition through life, but in doing so we miss out on all sorts of "in between" moments. As we cultivate presence and attention in transitions we can bring our focus back to the journey instead of the destination.

For today, for this moment, breathe consciously and savour the beauty around and within. Blessings for a present transition into 2018.