6 steps to Befriending your Emotions

  1. Recognize, acknowledge, name itAs soon as you feel a change in your feeling state recognize and acknowledge it. Name it (See the e-motion and feeling scale above).
  2. Process itAnalyze what affected the change in your feeling state. What was the trigger? Did you gain or lose energy? Take note. If the catalyst for a negative emotional response was external to you, address it – this may mean speaking up, perhaps it's removing yourself from your surroundings maybe you need to write it out or go for a walk to understand what is going on for you.
  3. Consider your optionsEmbrace the feeling – go into it. I know this is easier said than done. It can help to consider your goal - do you wish to gain or lose energy? What is the appropriate response, if any? Choose your next thought and watch the impact on your feeling state (is it up or down on the E-motion and Feeling Guidance Scale). What e-motion did you experience? What feeling state resulted?
  4. RespondPrepare and deliver your response with outcomes in mind. Monitor your barometer. Pay attention to what feels right for you and respect and honor yourself. You can invite a challenge when you’re ready, on your terms. Be mindful of your affect on others and how their response impacts you.
  5. Assess OutcomeWhere are you on the emotional guidance scale? Higher or lower? Notice that regardless, it has changed. Why? because e-motion is energy in motion. If you have acknowledged, processed, considered and responded the energy would have moved in some way or another, as a result, you have shifted the emotion!
  6. Plan your next moveThe emotional guidance scale can be a useful framework to help you to enhance your emotional intelligence (EI) and in coping with emotions.

Yoga, pranayama, meditation and youga nidra helps to develop self awareness, self knowledge and your emotional intelligence quotient empowering you to make the choices you need to live passionate lives and have the impact you want to have in your world. Here's to practicing more yoga and embracing energy in motion!