Fake it till you make it sutra.

Yoga Sutra 2.33

“Words Don’t Teach, but the Application of Words in Everyday Life Does”

Yoga sutra 2.33 (vitarka badhane pratipaksha bhavanam)*

  • vitarka = uncertainty, doubt, questionable
  • badhane = opposing, removal, suspended, annulment
  • pratipaksha = opposition, opposite, adversary
  • bhavanam = thought, manifesting, producing, imagining

This is the “Fake it till you make it sutra.” This sutra helps us get rid of our inauthentic personalities, ironically, by suggesting (more or less) to fake it. To think the opposite of. It’s a way for us to recondition our negative beliefs and thought patterns.

This month I have had moments of overwhelm, I have cried and at times felt utterly defeated. Just like with everyone, life throws curve balls. What is one to do?! I often think of Dick Van Dyke's song … put on a happy face.

Now I'm not talking about denying feelings or suppressing emotions. I am saying to be mindful of your thoughts and rather than being ruled by them, choosing them.

What begins as “faking it”—or simply taking another perspective—soon becomes an embodiment of who we really are. Rather than faking anything it is an unpacking of our shit! Just like we have toxins build in our body, we have toxic thoughts that build up in the mind.

This is the most challenging part of our practice. Exposing oneself in order to develop inner peace and contentment. Learning to be extremely self-aware and when the mind lures you into negative thinking guiding your mind elsewhere.

For today, put on a happy face and know that through your practice you have the power to choose your thoughts and thus, your happiness.