It’s radical and it works

It has taken me many hours to write this blog post - I have had lots of interruptions. Frustration has been bubbling … if I could just have an hour to myself I would finish it!

The Universe had other plans, which on reflection, I can see the beneficial lessons. When I am trying to run the show and things don't go my way, my pattern is to fight/push. 'I just need to try harder.' Or, I go into the mindset of 'if only.' 'If only' I wasn't called into daycare to pick up Maya early. 'If only' Kailash would talk. 'If only' the dog was better trained. 'If only' ... (fill in the blank).

If only, is not reality and fighting reality only creates suffering. No one wants to suffer! So how does one break this pattern of non-acceptance and work through emotions more skilfully? Through radical acceptance.

Radical Acceptance is not about giving up or checking out, it’s about finding peace in the chaos. Acceptance invites you to bring more of your SELF, to the present moment.

Before you can accept what’s going on within you, you have to develop self-awareness to see the thought and emotional processes. This is the essence of yoga. The base of mindfulness. By enhancing our awareness we can then accept it, as it is. This in itself is empowering. Through the empowerment we are often gifted the ability to change and improve the situation itself.

So the crux of it is, life isn't always how I'd like it to be. The house isn't as clean as I would like. My children don't eat as healthily as I plan and the garden isn't as full as it could be. Right now it is the way it is. And that is OK. It is honestly OK. By accepting life as it is, rather than as I want it to be, I experience ease. There's no fight, no struggle. It is just as it is.

Blessings for freedom and ease from accepting life in this moment, as it is.