Making this retreat the best one EVER!

As many of you know yoga retreats make my heart sing. I love everything about them and I mean everything! I currently run mini yoga retreats in Braidwood once a month - where we explore different topics and delve deeper into practices. John does the cooking, we use as much of our own produce as we can then buy locally and organic for the remainder. Everyone comments on how they wonderful the retreats are and the energy of the room is blissful, honestly I can't explain in words how amazing it feels.

Well before our children, John and I lived at Mangrove Yoga Ashram. There our job was to run yoga retreats, which we did for two years. Some retreats had 10 people some 200. John oversaw the cooking and I the practices. To say it was incredible is an understatement.

I then taught in Armidale, NSW and sparked up my passion for retreats. After some time John and I moved to the Mornington Peninsula and I continued my love of monthly retreats. I later took some groups to Bali and then to Thailand. In a word BLISS.

As the children are quite young we haven't been able to facilitate lengthy retreats. After being asked (literally begged) we are finally doing another weekend retreat at Bawley Point Bush 9-11th Nov 18.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am! I want it to be the best ever! I am gathering the best of the best from our previous retreats to create an unforgettable experience. Here's how -

The setting - it's gorgeous, the best of both worlds, bush meets the coast. Tranquil, serene and stunning.

The practices - asana in a creative and inspired way, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra. There will be mantra, a fire ceremony and or candle gazing (depending on fire restrictions), yin yoga, yoga philosophy, hand outs and specific techniques to enhance your practice. It's all catered to your needs and accommodating all ailments.

The meals - all cooked by John, a chef of 25 years. Using our own fresh produce, local and organic. We can cater to any dietary requirements and the food will be vegetarian, vibrant, healthy and wholesome. John will also do a cooking demo or two.

Activities - these always bring lots of fun to a retreat. We will have an acupuncturist of 30+ years deliver a session, we will make beeswax wraps and soap - best sellers from our business Prana Produce and for fun newspaper pots!

There will be time to chill out, go for walks, sit in nature.

There will be welcome gifts and lots of take home treats.

We will transport people traveling interstate up from Canberra airport.

The crux of it is, John and I are thrilled to combine our passions of yoga, good food, loving practices and holistic activities. We want to share this with you and create heartfelt connections in the best retreat ever!